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Bisync 3780 protocol emulation & communications software Bisync 3780 RJE Emulation Software

IBM 3780/2780 BSC RJE Emulation for Windows and Unix

The preferred solution for connecting to Target w/3780Link, ADP w/3780Link, Fidelity, Putnam, AgriBank, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Ceridian and other host systems for EDI, ACH, EFT, POS and ATM applications.

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3780Link provides simple and reliable IBM 3780/2780 BSC/RJE terminal emulation with an integrated script language, interactive console and application integration interfaces.

Script Processor

fully automates 3780 sessions. The script language includes looping, branching, error control, dialing, answering, time delays and more. Scripts can be launched and controlled by third-party programs.

Interactive Console

provides a menu-driven interface to all 3780 operations including connect, disconnect, send and receive. You can use the console to create and test scripts as well as diagnose problems. Configuration settings are automatically saved and restored. Session statistics can be viewed instantly and real-time status is displayed during file transfers.

Application Integration

is possible by invoking and controlling scripted sessions from your application. For even tighter integration, check out the Bisync Developers Kit, BSCLIB.

Log Files

record all commands, messages, and command results for verification and troubleshooting.

NT Service

option provides fully unattended operation on Windows NT, 2000 and XP.

Synchronous Adapter

card provides a synchronous serial port for host connections using synchronous modems, including Bell 201/208, leased-lines, modem eliminators and other devices. More details...

AutoSync Modem Support

means no adapter is required when used with the Hayes Optima AutoSync modem. Simply connect the AutoSync modem to your standard serial port for connecting to hosts that support 9600bps V.32/V.34 dial-up connections.

Up to 48 Ports

are supported on a single system. The SmartSync/DCP communications co-processor adapter provides 8-ports. Up to six cards are supported on single system. Now you have a robust path to migrate mainframe bisync RJE applications.

More details about 3780Link Features and Requirements.

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