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Bisync 3780 protocol emulation & communications software Bisync 3780 RJE Emulation Software

3780Link Features and Requirements

Key Features

  • Easy setup and configuration
  • Save multiple configuration files
  • Phone directory for frequently dialed hosts
  • Up to 56K bps over dial-up or leased lines
  • Detailed log file with date and time stamps
  • Line trace for monitoring and diagnostics
  • Real-time session statistics
  • Auto-dial with UDS, V.25 bis, SADL, and 'AT' (Hayes) command set
  • Auto-answer with most modems
  • Up to 48 BSC ports on a single system

Script Language

  • Execute scripts from the command line, batch files, parent processes, or the 3780Link menu
  • Supports unattended operation
  • "Hot reader" function to send files automatically
  • Execute external processes and evaluate results
  • Accept commands from a client process
  • Command line parameter substitution
  • Call scripts from within scripts
  • Time activated commands
  • Branching and looping commands
  • Extensive result codes and error testing

RJE Server Functionality

  • Load 3780Link as a 3780 RJE server
  • Submit commands to 3780Link from user programs (via Windows DDE or named-pipes interface on Unix platforms)

3780/2780 BSC Features

  • Complete IBM 3780/2780 RJE emulation
  • Point-to-point bisync protocol
  • Automatic ASCII to EBCDIC translation
  • Vertical Forms Control (VFC) recognition
  • Device selection support
  • Supports half- or full-duplex modems
  • Space compression and expansion (3780)
  • Space truncation and expansion (2780)
  • WACK, RVI, and TTD support
  • Transparent text mode support
  • Terminal identification support
  • CRC-16 error checking
  • Easy to configure for BTAM and JES host connections

Enhanced BSC Features

  • Receive files to console, printer, or disk
  • Binary file mode to send and receive non-text files
  • Automatic concatenation of outbound files if desired
  • Ability to strip VFC and device selection sequences
  • Communication buffers up to 4K bytes
  • Configurable ASCII-EBCDIC translation tables
  • Configurable inbound record separator recognition
  • Optional suppression of outbound record separators

Connection Options

  • Hayes Optima AutoSync Modem in AutoSync mode (no sync adapter required; most economical option where feasible)
  • SSI SyncPCI single-port sync adapter (requires synchronous modem from Serengeti Systems or 3rd party)
  • SSI SmartSync/DCP intelligent 8-port sync adapter (requires synchronous modem for each enabled port; modems available from Serengeti Systems or 3rd party)

Supported Modems

  • Most external synchronous auto-dial modems (including Hayes Optima, U.S. Robotics Courier, Motorola/UDS, Racal-Vadic, Okidata, MultiTech, Codex, AT&T and IBM)
  • Hayes Optima for AutoSync operation
  • Most external synchronous modems in manual dial mode

System Requirements

  • Pentium or compatible with Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, or Windows Server 2003
  • Pentium or compatible with Linux
  • IBM RS/6000 with AIX
  • Sun Sparc with Solaris

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