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Replaces HyperTerminal and other TTY applications Replaces Hyperterminal

FileLink replaces HyperTerminal and other TTY applications

It only takes me 10 minutes to send/receive files everyday using HyperTerminal and HyperTerminal is free, why do I need to automate my file transfers with FileLink?

File Transfer Automation saves you and your company time and money. Please take a look at the chart below for an example of how FileLink can save you money:

How does FileLink automate repetitive communication tasks?

FileLink replaces manual file transfers with TTY applications such as HyperTerminal, by automating the interaction with the server as well as automating the file transfers with FileLink's built-in script language.
FileLink's script language provides all the features you need to automatically dial your modem, recognize host prompts, send logon and password strings, send and receive text and binary files using multiple file transfer protocols (Kermit, XModem, ZModem, YModem), detect and handle error conditions, log results, wait for the next session, and much, much more. It even includes a script editor for easy script editing (seen to the right). Automate file transfers with FileLink

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