Bisync,3780,SNA/RJE,3770,FTP and Async File Transfer Solutions Bisync,3780,SNA/RJE,3770,FTP and Async File Transfer Solutions
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Bisync, 3780, SNA/RJE, 3770, FTP and dial-up file transfer solutions


Robo-FTP - Secure, Automated FTP Client Robo-FTP
Secure, automated FTP solution to easily automate repetitive FTP tasks. Supports SSH and SSL connections and PGP encryption.


Automated Async Modem and FTP File Transfers FileLink
Async modem file transfer solutions to easily automate repetitive file transfer tasks for remote offices and other applications. Read how FileLink integrates with electronic medical record (EMR) software.


3776/3777 SNA/RJE Emulation for Windows 3770Link
3770 SNA/RJE software that provides the engine for several host print management solutions and is a popular method for connecting to U.S. Customs, First Data and other SNA hosts.
3270Link SNA 3270 and TN3270E Terminal Emulation 3270Link
3270Link delivers dependable and affordable IBM host access to your Windows desktop over a TCP/IP local area network or via SNA as a client to SNA servers from IBM and Microsoft.


2780/3780 BSC RJE Emulation for Windows 3780Link
3780 BSC/RJE software that is the first choice for EDI and ACH applications for VARs and businesses connecting to WalMart, Target, ADP and other hubs.
Multi-Platform Bisync Developers Kit BSCLib
Bisync protocol emulation that is a key component in leading e-commerce gateway products from companies such as Momentum Systems, EDS, and DMB Group.
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